Bridging Gaps Childcare

A 501(c)(3) Non-profit Childcare Center

“Our mission is to bridge the communities and businesses by providing high quality childcare to working parents through focusing on the individual needs of each child in a safe, reliable and affordable environment.”

Alexi G

How long have you cared for children? I have worked with children of various ages for twelve years. I started at an  elementary school after school program and spent seven years there. I then began working with children aged 0-5 at daycares and I have been doing that for five years now.


What is your favorite activity to do with children? My favorite activity to do with children is PLAY. I believe play creates social interaction and in ages from 0-5 that is a very important skill for them to learn. 


What is your favorite Yooper activity? My favorite yooper activity is summer camping on Lake Superior. 


Sydney L

How long have you cared for children? I’ve been caring for children for 8 years between babysitting and working in a daycare center.


What is your favorite activity to do with children? I love doing a variety of things with the children. Reading books and making up games are two of my favorites.

What is your favorite Yooper activity? A favorite Yooper activity, is pretty much anything that involves being outside. I enjoy hiking, berry picking and going to the farmer’s markets.

Bethany J

Bethany J Photo

How long have you cared for children? “I have been an auntie and babysitter for 20 years now and I have my own child who is 8 years old. But when it comes to a non-kin relationship – I have volunteered at BHK in the past and I am going into my second year as a sunday school teacher for K& 1st grade.”

What is your favorite activity to do with children? ” Naturally I volunteer to clean up after the kids, because of my 10+ years of cleaning for a living and it is wonderful to see how much the kids want to help clean up when they see their teachers do it. “

What is your favorite Yooper activity? “As a recent homeowner with my husband, I have come to enjoy shoveling our driveway in the winter and in the summer I spend as much time in Lake Superior as I can. I like to rock pick and currently my favorite to look for are heart shaped. I have spent a few years looking for and identifying mushrooms and have just started doing such with trees.”

Taylor P.

President – Whitney Brey

Vice President – Joe Sayen

Secretary – Dr. Emily Geiger-Dedo

Treasurer – Roy Manninen

Dave Lawrence

Lauren Lepisto